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Soul & Strings: A Night with Carla & Jeandre

Carla Conrad & Jeandre Schultz are not just a dynamic musical duo; they are friends who share a deep passion for music. Together, they bring their unique blend of soulful rock and captivating melodies to the vibrant music scene of Cape Town. 

Together, Carla and Jeandre will be creating an unforgettable musical experience. Their synergy on stage is palpable, with Carla’s powerful voice and Jeandre’s masterful guitar work weaving a tapestry of sound that engages and enchants. As friends and collaborators, they bring a personal touch to their performances, sharing stories and connecting with their audience on a deeper level.

This show will be a delightful mix of original songs and their favourite Fleetwood Mac covers, ensuring a night of diverse and captivating music. Whether performing original tunes or classics, their live performances promise to captivate and elevate the atmosphere of any venue!

About: **Jeandre Schultz**  

With 18 years of experience, Jeandre Schultz is a master guitarist whose talent has graced stages alongside South Africa’s music icons. He has played with legends like Karen Zoid, Kurt Darren, and Ryno Velvet, as well as participating in a variety of tribute shows and collaborations with bands such as Me and Mr Green and artists including N8N and Matthew Gold. Endorsed by Duesenberg and Boss, Jeandre’s guitar skills are recognized and celebrated within the industry. His ability to blend intricate riffs with emotive playing adds depth and energy to every performance.

About: **Carla Conrad**  

Carla Conrad’s mesmerising vocals and infectious melodies have captured the hearts of audiences across South Africa. Recently showcasing her talent on the live TV show “Expresso” in January, Carla’s artistry shone brightly, catching the attention of award-winning producer, Daniel Baron. She will be releasing her EP “Beastly Creatures at My Feast” this year! Praised for her powerful and emotive performances, Carla’s music resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression. As Matt Mercer eloquently put it after her standout performance at Cafe Roux, “Carla’s music is sublime, channeling a bit of Joan and a bit of Janis, Sheryl Crow, and Julia Stone. She is a rock and roller mixed with intriguing fragility. Watch her fly.” Carla’s sound is a harmonious blend of rock and roll infused with soulful intimacy, making her a standout artist in today’s music landscape.


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Aug 15 2024


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm




café Roux, Noordhoek
café Roux, Noordhoek
1 Village Lane, Noordhoek Farm Village, Noordhoek, Cape Town


café Roux
café Roux
+27 (0)21 789 2538
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