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Arrive from 6pm for dinner. Music from 7:30pm

Ticket price R170 (excl. dinner/ drinks)

The sound of Legoloop is the result of a process of stratification of genres, rhythms, echoes, influences, which unfold from piece to piece.

An elegant and dynamic style, surprising for the variety and richness of solutions that overlap generate real sound tides.

A concentration of stratified and sedimented melodic and rhythmic influences, harmonic consequences of a strong passion for music; all the music.

The live set is a unique journey, with a beginning and an end, a concept without a real lyrical plot that finds its logic in organicity.

Each piece is built on a single carpet that at times thickens, dismembers, speeds up and slows down, changes direction without ever tearing.

So the Legoloops invite you into their world from the first sensual and soft notes, convincing you to stay with them until the end of the journey.

The instinctive and physical charge that accompanies the ‘sound machine’ (Riccardo Moretti) also takes precedence over the synthetic sounds generated by the enviable technique and the castle of contraptions which is the sound fortress of the Legoloops.

A physicality that imbues the whole album with large doses of warmth and rhythmic strength.

In this lego castle there is a sort of princess who plays to travel on the notes, coding the pop vein of the duo.

The melodies and words of Francesca Krnjak thus close the circle. They are whispers, sounds, reverberations and puffs, but they are also words and harmonies that make you wait from note to note and then break in on time.

They are excerpts of melody that seem extracted from songs but never develop according to the canonical criteria that distinguish the structure of the pieces.

There is no shortage of jazz standards completely overturned and also songs in Italian that emphasize

the acting and poetic qualities of Francesca.

Have a nice trip !



The event is finished.


Feb 10 2022


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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