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CSN&Y Experience

“CSN&Y EXPERIENCE” is a tribute paying homage to one of the greatest music dynasties of all time. 

Performed by some of Cape Town’s most harmonically gifted musicians, the show echoes the sentiments and sounds that have defined generations. This show celebrates the rich, intricate melodies and profound lyrics that made CSNY a cornerstone of the folk-rock movement. Embodying the spirit and sound of the 60s and 70s, it is set to transport audiences back to an era where music spoke of change, unity, and timeless love. 

Prepare to be mesmerised by the combination of Jono Tait and the Catto brothers’ exceptional vocals, which seamlessly blend to recreate the intricate three-part harmony that CSNY is renowned for. Each performance is both a tribute and a journey, capturing the essence of classic tracks like “Carry On,” “Southern Cross,” and “Teach Your Children”. 

“Wooden Music: The Timeless Songs of CSNY” are… 

Jono Tait, a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His songs draw on a life lived in and out of love, under a cloud of long term bi-polar depression and with and victory over substance abuse. Having studied classical and jazz music and choral singing throughout school, Jono picked up guitar at the age of 14 and set about becoming the musician he is today. His abilities as a composer and performer have seem him excel in numerous projects across the dynamic and varied South African musical landscape including Hatchetman, We Kill Cowboys, For Folks Sake, Falling Mirror, Old Town and Christine Weir and the Flying Kilts. He is perhaps best known for running one of Cape Town’s leading music venues, The Alma Café.

Nick Catto is a bassist and vocalist known for his musicality and versatility from biggest stages to the most intimate. Picking up the bass guitar at 17, Nick was influenced by the rich musical legacy of his mother’s family (The Blundells), where performing music that required accompanying harmonies was paramount. His journey has seen him grace numerous bands, including Fox Comet, Hatchetman, Native Young, The Misty Cliffs and most recently, Jeremy Loops. Nick has been involved in many other projects, like the maverick glam-rock band, The Rockerfellas, and the enduringly successful Rumours of Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show. His performances have seen him light up many notable stages, from The National Arts Festival where Hatchetman received three Silver Ovations, to international shows in France and Spain with Native Young. His impressive portfolio includes multiple performances over the years at the Cape Town Arts Festival, Rocking the Daisies, Up The Creek, Park Acoustics, Kirstenbosch Gardens and many more.

Matt Catto (yes he and Nick are brothers) was born in Johannesburg into the Blundell musical folk dynasty. He says “my earliest memories are of family singalongs, barn dances with many of the big folk music personalities of the time coming around to the house for visits/rehearsals.” After moving to Cape Town in 1999, Matt pursued his love for music by helping form a band with his brother Nick in 2001. Several bands (and as many genres) later, he co-formed the successful Hatchetman which focused on three-part harmony and emotive, thought-provoking song writing. Many years later, Matt is still focused on singing and deeply enjoys creating harmonies with similarly inclined musicians. Oh, and he is also a proficient drummer/percussionist.

James Smith is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. James has always had a passion for discovering new music. From the music he was introduced to as a child, he went from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to the Carpenters, Queen and Daft Punk.

He believes there is no such thing as a bad genre, only a bad song. At only 25, James has had an extensive career. From performing in theatres nation-wide in A Handful of Keys to singing the national anthem for the Springboks at an international rugby match and performing with SA music giants such as Albert Frost and Crimson House. James has also performed at multiple local and international festivals and is currently performing with several bands/projects as a keyboard player as well as writing his own music. He is also producing and mixing an album for local Hip Hop/Soul artist Luukhanyo

Expect dynamics that range from acoustic guitar and three voices to the powerful sound of a full band featuring drums, electric guitars and bass, accompanied by four stellar vocalists. Whether you’re a longtime fan of CSNY or new to their evocative sound, “Wooden Music: The Timeless Songs of CSNY” delivers an unforgettable experience that will leave you humming these timeless tunes long after the final note fades!


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Nov 09 2024


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm




café Roux, Noordhoek
café Roux, Noordhoek
1 Village Lane, Noordhoek Farm Village, Noordhoek, Cape Town


café Roux
café Roux
+27 (0)21 789 2538
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