March 20, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe roux, Noordhoek



Watershed – structured around singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Craig Hinds who has always felt he is a man with a positive message to convey and after teaching high school for two years while playing his own material out in smaller venues Craig decided to take the opportunity to form a band and make his voice and songs heard across the world.

Watershed’s travels have led them to perform at the prestigious South by South West Music festival in Austin Texas and Canadian Music week to various dates across Europe where their music is particularly well received in Germany, Austria and Switzerland after a radio DJ on holiday in South Africa heard “Indigo Girl” and thought it would enchant his listeners. He was absolutely right. The play listing of the song on the local German station quickly built momentum and lead to them to be picked up by EMI Germany who released “In The Meantime” and every album & single since.

Working with various producer’s the band had the opportunity to hone all the facets that make up a great album and the result is their finest work to date. The new album “Watch the Rain” tips the hat to the new-age country sound while still remaining grounded in the cultured acoustic rock that Watershed is known and loved for and the first single off the album “Magical Energy” is already building momentum on the local South African charts.  While the term Watershed is universally used to describe a turning point, a lesser known use is in broadcasting field where it is used to describe the transition time when adult content can be shown and maybe now that’s a better fit for a band that has matured and realised the strength and depth of their sound and trusted in their process and abilities.  Watershed are 15 years in the making and nowhere near ready to stop.

Take a listen to –> Watershed – Watch the Rain

** Please Note: Dinner from 6.30/7pm. Show to start at 8.30pm