Volunteer Wildfire Services Fundraiser starring Hotwater

March 24, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe roux, Noordhoek


As we are in the last throws of Summer and the earth is dry, things are heating up in the South Peninsula, especially with recent fires right on our doorstep.  How fortunate that our local heroes with huge Talent HOT WATER have stepped up to make a difference and pull the community together for our Musical fund-raising event happening at Cafe Roux on the 24th of March 2020.
The first song on Hot Waters first Album is called Bushfire, which was written after the devastating fires here in Noordhoek in 2000. Bushfire is still one of their most successful songs to date,  and there was an obvious passion that resulted in supporting the Volunteer Wildfire  Services organisation to raise much needed funds.
The VWS is a non profit organisation that relies entirely on donations to fight wildfires.  The VWS has been combating dangerous and sometimes deadly runaway wildfires since its baptist during the devastating 1999/2000 fires in Cape Town.  With over 200 volunteer members at four stations, we are run and managed by a team of volunteers as well as one recently employed General Manager. It is you the community who support us to make it possible to do what we do best. Fight wildfire, whilst providing for safety first.
Hot Water is a local Cape Town based band who have performed in many arenas across the globe.  They deliver uplifting South African Music and performances that bring magic into everybody’s life.
It’s going to be a night to remember,  don’t miss this enthusiastic world class performance with the spirit of Africa, follow their story on a musical journey through our beloved country.

vegan buddha bowl (gluten-free)

exotic mushrooms | quinoa | spring onion | cashew | ginger kale | sesame |carrot | radish | ponzu| coriander | cucumber

chicken & edamame buddha bowl

free-range chicken | rice | edamame | kale | red onion carrot | ginger | sprouts | cashew| kewpie dressing | sesame

vegetarian power salad (gluten-free)

quinoa | spinach | sprouts | broccoli | rocket | toasted seeds | feta OR homemade almond cheese (vegan)| mint dressing

goddess chicken salad

free-range chargrilled chicken | cos lettuce | beans | spring onion | tomato | creamy Parmesan dressing | feta | crispy onion

café roux cheese burger

handmade beef patty | lettuce | tomato | gherkin | white cheddar | seeded bun | skinny fries OR side salad

add mushroom sauce optional

sub bun for mushroom & bacon; sub fries for salad (banting)

mexican chicken burger

free-range chicken | corn salsa | chipotle mayo | white cheddar feta | rocket | seeded bun | skinny fries OR side salad

vegetarian shroom burger

crumbed field mushroom | brie | garlic mayo | gherkin tomato | lettuce | seeded bun | skinny fries OR side salad

vegan chickpea & aubergine curry

mild Morrocan spice | coconut milk | basmati | poppadum

today’s pasta linguine | sirloin strips | julienne veg | mild Asian sauce

café fish curry ginger | tomato | spices | coconut milk | rice | poppadom

mainstream pizza bacon | avo| feta | sundried tomato | rocket

quattro pizza marinated artichokes | mushrooms | olives | peppers | mozzarella OR homemade almond cheese (vegan)

all-day breakfast pizza bacon | chorizo | mushrooms | rosa tomato | rocket | soft egg (optional)

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