Philosophy of Food Talk with Dr Greg Venning

February 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe roux, Noordhoek


Join local author and go beyond diets and detoxes. Go beyond Vegan and Paleo. Go beyond low carb or low fat. Discover the fundamentals of human nutrition and banish food confusion with Dr Greg Venning.If boosting energy, finding focus, managing weight and healing your gut are what you want, you’re in the right place.

At this workshop:

  • You’ll discover the fundamentals of human nutrition
  • You’ll get practical strategies for making lifestyle change
  • You’ll uncover what’s been stopping you taking action
  • Discover how to help your body shed fat and gain lean mass
  • Learn which supplements are a waste of money
  • You’ll being to make better choices and have peace of mind


You don’t need another diet plan. You don’t need another expert telling you WHAT to eat and what to avoid. You’ve had plenty of those and that’s why you are a little confused and not taking action.


In this nutrition talk, author of Thrive, certified wellness professional, Dr Greg Venning will help you with a foundational understanding of food and how to use it to enjoy life and experience health.


Bonuses for those who attend:

  • Free copy of The Philosophy of Food Matrix – summary of the talk
  • Free copy of The Food Table – use this one-page tool to create over 40 000 dishes!
  • Free copy of The Hidden Names of Sugar
  • Mystery gift… You have to be there to get it!

Dr Greg Venning is an author, gets paid to travel and speak internationally to professional and public audiences, is a high level performance coach and runs a Chiropractic practice in gorgeous Cape Town.

Greg and his work have been featured in:

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