Meeting in truth with Isaac Shapiro

May 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe roux, Noordhoek
R150 - R240

Think Eckart Tolle comes to Café Roux and you’ll have a bit of an idea what’s in stall for you on Tuesday 19th May from 7-9pm. This is an evening with a difference, where we will sit together and open to the truth of the moment, which as we know is usually unpredictable and full of mystery. A meeting in truth with Isaac Shapiro proves to be an interesting and enriching experience. Another word for the meeting is satsang. Satsang means “a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering”.

Isaac Shapiro, from Australia, comes to SA once a year and has been holding satsangs for over 20 years. He has a beautiful talent of showing us ourselves, including the habit patterns that dominate our reality. When we start to see the unconscious patterns of our mind, we start to also see what is possible beyond that. An evening with Isaac is bound to start shifting old patterns, making room for a new way of relating with Life.

There is no need to book, but if there are any queries please contact Pippa on 076 882 8681, You can also discover more about Isaac from his website –

What some past participants have said:

“Isaac has shown me that there are many patterns and perceptions in me that make it difficult to stay with Awareness and that when I start to truly meet and feel my vulnerable heart it starts to free up energy so that I can relate more and more as love. Seeing and being with myself as I am has improved my self-knowledge and I’ve grown stronger and more confident. The more capacity I develop to be with things as they are, the more I can love and be present. On his week-long retreat in the Drakensberg I also had a very powerful experience where for three whole days I felt no fear, only profound joy and love. That experience showed me how it is possible to live and it changed my life forever.” Pippa

” Isaac has shown me what it means to live from the heart, unconditionally being with the moment however it is unfolding. Giving space for all the patterns and conditioning to reveal itself as they are without trying to change them and recognizing the stillness in everything. This witnessing and inquiring with love continues to have a profound impact on my life.” Isabella

“Isaac has inspired me to trust the truth and perfection of every moment, as it unfolds in my body and being.” Annika

***PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the meeting is R150 per person or R240 if you bring a friend (i.e. for two). The kitchen will not be open for food but you will be able to get drinks/teas/coffees.