November 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Blacksmith was started in Port Elizabeth at the Four Winds Folk Club in the early 1970’s, and continued in Cape Town from 1975. Current band members are Neil Harvey (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Nielen Prinsloo (banjo, mandolin, bass, vocals), James Harvey (accordion, harp, whistles, bass, vocals), James Hall (fiddle, vocals), Caoe Town’s Oldest Boy Band.

Our music style has drifted towards Pure Acoustic, and our repertoire contains Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, English, Irish and Scottish Traditional, A Capella Rap, Modern and Ancient Pop, Hard Rock and Boeremusiek – so no real focus then, but a reflection of a band that has been going for well over 40 years. We play numbers we enjoy as a band, and happily our audiences seem to like them too. New blood injects new life into the band, brings new material and keeps us ever fresh.

**Please note: Dinner from 6.30/7pm. Show to start at 8.30pm