Anna Wolf- What’s in the Woods SA Tour

December 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


It’s been a career defining couple of weeks for ANNA WOLF (formerly known as Tailor). As well as announcing her much awaited South Africa dates in December, Anna picked up a coveted International Music Award in Nashville, Tennessee to boot.

ANNA WOLF will play 8 dates in her native South Africa, kicking off in Johannesburg 6th December and closing in Saldanha 21st December 2019 whilst playing to hometown of Pretoria along the way.

The award presented by UNSIGNED ONLY ( has just announced ANNA WOLF as GRAND PRIZE WINNER 2019. For the first time in Unsigned Only’s history, the 2019 Grand Prize was awarded to a South African artist, for her song “Believer.” Wolf beat out almost 6,000 entries from more than 100 countries.

Unsigned Only’s judging panel is an illustrious collection of global celebrity judges and this year included the likes of Robert Smith (The Cure) and Aimee Mann. They collectively described ANNA WOLF as “truly a compelling and rare artist. She is a performer with passion and style, a singer with hauntingly beautiful vocals, and a songwriter with depth and vulnerability.” One of the most magnetic and inspiring artists we have ever come across.”

2019 has been an exciting year for ANNA, still based in London where she is building a strong and ever-growing loyal fan base.

Working with various A-list producers, musicians and songwriters ANNA is feeling the momentum of the work she and her team have implemented over the years.

ANNA explains “I can’t help but always try make sense of the dots and how it all joins together, my fans have followed my journey, I am extremely grateful to those fans.”

I can’t wait to come back to South Africa. My South African fans are just the best. I have seen the impact my music has had on them, many have tattoos of my lyrics and I have recently seen a fan get a tattoo of my face on their arm, now that is dedication and I am quite flattered by that level of support.”

Fans at ANNA WOLF’s shows use a howling sound in between songs instead of clapping, which gives you the feeling of community and unity through music and builds a unique live atmosphere.

ANNA WOLF’s live shows are definitely not a “show and tell” kind of set, stereotypical “Girl with guitar” affair. They have been described as an experience, a shift and hypnotizing. Journey into the world of ANNA WOLF’s storytelling and songwriting abilities.

ANNA leaves you with a feeling of knowing or unveiling your own truths about your inner struggles or challenges.

It’s best you experience ANNA WOLF for yourself, to avoid always being “that person” in the room.